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History: Feature

The H.R. Beebe Construction Company was organized in 1912 and incorporated in 1924; thus making the firm one of the oldest general contractors in Central NY. At that time the founder, Henry R. Beebe, had already proven himself as an experienced contractor and business man. He had engineered and built several major construction projects throughout New York State. H.R. Beebe, Inc. soon became known for its honesty, integrity, and quality in the construction industry.

After Mr. Beebe's retirement in 1936, E.H. Stetson was appointed corporate president. Stetson, a long time associate of Mr. Beebe, maintained the companies fine reputation of quality work for the next twelve years until his death in 1945. Succeeding Stetson, Philip K. Miller headed H.R. Beebe Inc. and was instrumental in the growth of the corporation. Mr Miller, who has been with the company since 1924, became known as a leader among area contractors, often being consulted when tough construction problems needed solving. Many of the companies largest and most complex jobs were engineered and supervised by Mr. Miller. Even after his retirement in 1974, P.K. Miller had maintained semi-active with H.R. Beebe, Inc. as a consultant on several projects.

Following Mr. Miller, Michael Beebe, grandson of H.R. Beebe, took over as a corporate president and served until 1976 when he left to pursue other business endeavors. This lead to the appointment of Anthony A. Korrie as president. Mr. Korrie started with H.R. Beebe in 1951 as an apprentice carpenter and soon advanced to job foreman. By 1967, Mr. Korrie was H.R. Beebe's project coordinator in charge of all construction operations. As president, and principal shareholder of the corporation, Mr. Korrie carried on H.R Beebe's reputation of excellence in the construction industry.

After Anthony, Greg Benincasa and Robert Korrie, became co-owners of the construction company.

Greg has worked in the construction industry since he began work in the field more than 35 years ago. He has been with H. R. Beebe, Inc. since 1982, and the President since 1998. He has been with Beebe Construction Services, Inc. since it was founded in 1995 and became Vice President in 1998. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer and provides contract administration and project estimating.

Rob has more than 25 years experience in the construction industry, assuming positions of increasing responsibility since he began working in the field. He has been with H. R. Beebe, Inc. since 1988, serving as Treasurer since 1994 and Vice President since 1998. Rob has been with Beebe Construction Services, Inc. since it was founded in 1995 and became President in 1998. His principal duties for both include project management, estimating, scheduling, and contract administration.

Through over 100 years of construction, H.R. Beebe, Inc. has shown expertise in the fields of commercial, industrial, and institutional construction on both negotiated and competitive bid projects. H.R. Beebe now provides services in the carpentry, masonry, and laborer trades.


With the changing times, H.R. Beebe, Inc. has also changed by improving construction techniques, and utilizing state of the art equipment to provide our customer's with the finest construction services available. 


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